Strategic Pillars

 EABC has established the primary areas of emphasis and outlined the priorities, expected results, deliverables and outcomes in the following strategic pillars.

 Business Environment:  Engage with all levels of government to support and enable future growth of an inclusive private sector

 Priority Areas

  • Advocating for policy and legislation that promote the growth and sustainability of the private sector
  • Working with the public to identify opportunities for public-private partnerships in key  infrastructure development
  • Assisting Partner State Governments and the EAC in assessing, identifying and proposing best practice initiatives to support good governance and attract investment.

Development of Strategic Networks: Engage key stakeholders (government, business, academia and civil society) in developing a holistic approach to growth synergy model for sustainable private sector development

 Priority Areas

  • Leverage the expertise at the EABC and its broader network towards harnessing the private sector to spread economic development and prosperity
  • Expand space for inclusive engagement in public private dialogue
  • Support growth and standardization of enterprise level services for  private sector development

 Community: Build support within the EAC for the private sector as the engine and driver of the economic activity significantly contributing to employment creation, export growth, revenue collection, poverty eradication and improved standards of living.

 Priority Areas

  • Improving awareness of the economic and social role played by the private sector through influencing community leaders and the media
  • Increasing understanding of the role and benefits of the business sector in East Africa amongst the youth, women and other marginalized persons
  •  Working to enhance the visibility and credibility of the EABC and its members

 Members: Create value for each of our members and recognize the importance of strengthening our relationships

 Priority Areas

  • Build a broader and deeper understanding of members and objectives to better service their needs
  • Create partnerships with our members to enable improved effectiveness
  • Continually improve processes, services and communications with members for optimal engagement

Resource Mobilisation: Strengthening the roles and responsibilities of the EABC organs and institutions in the realization of the Council's mandate.

Priority Areas

  • Attraction of new businesses and people to EABC
  • Retention of talented people fundamental to realizing institutional mandate
  • Establish a firm base for effective and sustainable delivery of services
  • Sustainability and high impact through increased and diversified streams of incomes