EABC Management Structure

EABC is managed by a 22 member Executive Committee, headed by a Chairperson, elected from the 5 partner States on annual rotational basis. A Secretariat, based in Arusha and headed by an Executive Director and limited Staff, serves the day to day needs of the Members.

EABC has grown to become the voice of the private sector in East Africa. We are proud to represent interests of the business community in the enlarged East African Community region with 5 Partner States and a combined population of over 120 million people.
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Board Committees
EABC has various board committees appointed by the Board to assist in implementing the EABC Mandate.EABC also receives advice from the EABC Advisory Council comprising of past Chairs.

Annual General Meeting
The Annual General Meeting is the supreme policy making organ of East African Business Council. The AGM meets once a year to elect the executive committee headed by the chairman. The AGM is composed of all EABC active members and often act on the recommendations of the Executive Committee.

Executive Committee
An elected Executive Committee, drawn from the membership, guides the secretariat’s work, thus ensuring that the EABC’s agenda reflects the priorities of those it was established to serve.

The Executive Committee is headed by the Chairman, four Vice Chairmen each representing a country chapter and 15 Board Members drawn from the 5 EAC countries. The Immediate Past Chairman is also a member of the Executive Committee, making total Board Members 21. EABC Executive Director is the secretary to the board which meets four times annually.

The Chairmanship rotates annually among private sector associations of the five EAC countries.

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