Entry Date Jun 05 2017 // News, Events

The 18th Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the East African Business Council shall be held from 09.00hrs-13.30hrs on Friday, 16th June, 2017, at Serena Hotel, in Kampala, Uganda to transact the following business:-

1. Adoption of the Agenda.
2. Communication from the Chair.
3. Confirmation of Minutes of the 17th AGM.
4. Discussion of Matters Arising from the Minutes of the 17th EABC AGM
5. To Receive and Consider the Report of the Executive Committee for the period of 26th May 2016 -15th June 2017;
6. To Receive and Consider the Audited accounts together with the report of the auditors for the year ending 31st December 2016;
7. To elect the Chair, Vice-Chairs and Members of the EABC Executive Committee;
8. To appoint auditors and fix their remuneration;
9. To transact any other business (AOB) for which a 7 days written notice prior to the AGM has been given.

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