The EABC Franchising project aims at building a vibrant indigenous-driven franchise sector

Entry Date Mar 08 2018 // News

The EABC Franchising project aims at building a vibrant indigenous-driven franchise sector in East Africa.

Replication of successful enterprises through franchising has for long been used in other parts of the world to generate massive wealth, to create numerous jobs, to quickly transfer skills and technology and to play commercial diplomacy. Governments have also used social franchising to deliver social services to “the Last Citizen”. Unfortunately, the concept has not caught up widely in East Africa. As a tool of EAC Regional Integration, franchising will ensure that a successful enterprise in one country replicates itself in other countries using local business people of that country, thereby deepening integration.

In order for businesses and governments in East Africa to realize these benefits and to deploy franchising as a tool for EAC integration, EABC has partnered with a leading Franchise Consultancy, Worldahead, under Mr. Wambugu Wa Gichohi, to spearhead the growth of a vibrant franchising sector in East Africa. Through this initiative, EABC is offering cutting-edge programs to enable successful East African brands to franchise without making the many mistakes associated with first-time franchisors that often lead to failure. We are also setting up a Revolving Franchise/Enterprise Growth Fund where such brands would access growth Equity capital for themselves and their franchisees. We target building 750 indigenous brands in the next five years.

If you are seeking to acquire a foreign franchise, we will assist you to get your desired brand and ask the right questions before signing up to ensure you get the right franchise partner. Further, we are working with governments in East Africa to create a franchise-friendly business environment in the region and we are pleased that Uganda has taken the first steps towards this.

We hope to build a strong franchise force in East Africa with a balanced mix of indigenous and foreign franchises working together to build this rather new sector in the EAC region. To support growth of this sector, we will soon launch a professional franchise certification course for staff working in franchise businesses.

Please feel free to contact Mr. Wambugu on these emails – and, copied to Kindly note that Mr. Wambugu Wa Gichohi is one of East Africa’s most knowledgeable franchise consultants with international linkages and currently involved in building several local franchise brands, having previously offered business development services to SMEs and corporates over the last 20 years.

Welcome to the world of franchising!   

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