EABC Policy & Advocacy

As the regionally recognised voice of business associations and corporations in East Africa, EABC’s guiding vision is to be an effective change agent for fostering an enabling environment for a diversified, competitive, export-led, integrated and sustainable economy.

During our formative years, EABC lobby and advocacy work centered around the newly created Customs Union. The issue of the Common External Tariff emerged as an acid test for overcoming divergent nationalistic interests among the business community. EABC finally succeeded to unify interests and to offer to EAC a consolidated private sector view.

More recently EABC’s lobby and advocacy work has been geared towards substantiating and upgrading the policy dialogue with EAC. This approach has proven to be successful, with several co-operation projects such as the NTB Monitoring Mechanism, the Annual Media Summit and Trade & investment promotion activities being established.

Tariff issues and non tariff issues, especially NTBs still feature high on the agenda of EABC; but other issues and themes, such as Economic Partnership Agreement between the EAC and the EU (EPA), Counterfeits, Infrastructure, HIV / AIDS and Finance are now included in our lobby and advocacy activities.

The Secretariat handles both sectoral and individual member issues. For several sectors and special themes EABC has set up working groups, which include Trade & Industry; Trade & Investment Promotion; Services; Counterfeits: Renewable Energy and Banking & Finance.

All our activities are focused at ensuring that the private sector is competitive enough to take full advantage of the opportunities created by the integration process.

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