Membership Services & Benefits

Membership Services  & Benefits

 Policy Advocacy: 

Opportunity to contribute to formulation of policies at a regional level on issues affecting your sector. Our ‘Observer Status’ at the EAC that enables us to participate in all their activities and input into the negotiations and to hold regular and interactive dialogue with the EAC Secretariat; EAC Policy makers; Ministers and the Summit.

EABC has over 20 years experience in policy advocacy on behalf of the Members and the larger EAC Private Sector. Under Policy advocacy EABC:-

  • Works with members to identify priority issues for policy advocacy;
  • Works with members to formulate agreed policy positions and prepare compelling evidence based on policy position papers;
  • Participates in technical, sectoral and ministerial meetings, and other policy making organs at EAC where we articulate Private Sector positions;
  • Undertakes and commissions research to understand policy issues of interest to the Private Sector from which we develop Private Sector Positions;
  • Provides a forum where the business community can regularly discuss and drive reforms to ensure the environment for business is conducive.


Business Development Services and Networking: Gain exposure to local, regional, and international markets and investors seeking partnerships and collaborations in the East African Community. Through our various business fora (annual business fora, Public Private Dialogues, and conferences) we identify policy issues for discussion with various policy organs within the EAC. In the annual East African Business Directory we market East African Business both within Africa and beyond. EABC also trains and advices members on legislative and regulatory developments within the EAC. B2B meetings give members an opportunity to develop joint ventures, establish partnerships, gain information and access to regional and local markets among other benefits.

EABC provides advisory services on trade policy and law: In addition to policy advocacy, EABC provides members with advisory services on key policies and laws governing trade within the EAC region, COMESA and SADC.  Additionally EABC represents the EAC business community in trade partnership agreements between EAC-US, EAC- EU etc. Members are advised on how to engage in these trade arrangements for maximum benefit.


Market Intelligence: Access to the latest news and regular information on legislative and regulatory developments in the East African Community, which is vital for business decisions. We have a monthly e-newsletter contains, an informative website ( and regular policy brief to members.

Association: Opportunity to belong to a well established and respected regional apex body for the Private Sector.EABC is today acknowledged as the key regional facilitator that brings together all EA Private Sector stakeholders and has partnered with most key organizations that share the goal of pursuing a better climate for doing business to ensure the Private Sector is the engine of  EAC integration.

Business to Business (B2B) Engagements: EABC gives your business a platform to engage with other businesses either at EAC Regional Level or Internationally. We have held international conference and meetings with American business leaders, German business leaders, Chinese business leaders etc


Business to Government (B2G Engagements): EABC gives your business a platform to build consensus and develop a Private Sector position which is then used for advocacy with policy makers. Through the EAC Consultative Dialogue Framework (CDF), EABC has an opportunity to engage with the East African Community Summit of Heads of State, Council of Ministers, Sectoral Councils, Technical Committees etc.


Studies: EABC conducts various studies on behalf of members to come up with evidence based policy advocacy. This means we are able to provide factual information on the issues affecting the various sectors and to build a credible case for policy change or formulation that is favourable to business thus improving the business environment.


Trainings: EABC provides various trainings to Members e.g. Training on Rules of Origin, Export management, EAC Customs Procedures, Advocacy for Associations, Sensitization on Mutual Recognition Agreements for the various professional groups etc.


Trade Missions: EABC has linkages with various International organizations and business entities. We organize trade missions to many destinations in the world including America, UK, China, Germany, Sweden, Japan, India, Nordic Countries and African countries. All these provide our members with opportunities to develop business partnerships and strike business deals that lead to further business expansion, new linkages, joint ventures etc.


Exhibitions: Many of our events have exhibition opportunities to enable our members showcase their products and services and venture into new markets. During such events our members are able identify partners, engage their potential customers and get distributors for their products. Many companies are able to get new customers through networking where they have access to a wide range of business leaders.