EABC Franchising Project

The EABC Franchising Project (EABCFP 2019-2023) is a disruptive 5-year initiative aimed at nurturing the growth of a vibrant indigenous-driven franchise sector in East Africa as a tool for achieving a seamless economic integration of the EAC. The project is a partnership between the East African Business Council, the apex body of the private sector in East Africa and World ahead, a premier franchise consultancy brand. The project operates under the EABC brand and has other major partners as follows:

  1. The EAC as the main beneficiary of successful delivery through economic integration of EAC
  2. Statera Capital as the main equity finance advisor/aggregator
  3. PSFU- Uganda National Focal Point and implementing partner in Uganda
  4. TPSF- Tanzania National Focal Point and implementing partner in Tanzania
  5. KEPSA- Kenya National Focal Point and implementing Partner in Kenya
  6. PSFR- Rwanda National Focal Point and implementing partner in Rwanda
  7. CFCID- Burundi National Focal Point and implementing partner in Burundi

As the national implementing partners, the national focal points are tasked with mobilizing the private sector in their countries, through workshops, conferences and constant communication, to start embracing franchising as the growth model for future-focused brands in order to transform

East Africa into a modern economy. Major stakeholders in each country, apart from the private sector members of the above national focal points include government ministries of Trade & Industry, Labor, Youth & Gender, Justice & Constitutional Affairs, Finance and EAC matters. Others include franchise associations where such exist, the national chambers of commerce and industry, SMEs and corporates who are not members of these associations and the academia.

The project aims to create 1,500 indigenous franchise brands across at least 75 sectors of the EAC economies. These brands are spread as follows per country: Kenya 600, Uganda 430, Tanzania 370, Rwanda 80, Burundi 20.

Apart from the policy and legal components, the project will build the capacity of local resources to support growth of the franchise sector by training local franchise consultants, lawyers, banks and members of the judiciary. It will also develop capacity of local suppliers to meet standards required supply international franchise networks. Further, it will offer technical assistance by hand-holding identified local franchise brand champions to franchise, including availing equity investment to roll out their franchise network from its proposed USD 500M Revolving Franchise Growth Fund to be established with seed capital from development partners and sustained through private equity and government grants. Though the project is currently at fund-raising stage, through Statera Capital, we are currently working with over 20 private equity funds from Europe and North America to support indigenous East African brands to develop and roll out  their franchise networks and acquire foreign franchises. We are also offering franchise development consultancy at a fee to such brands to develop and roll out their franchise networks.

The project also supports the currently-moribund franchise associations to start recruiting members and to take their place as the self-regulatory mechanism for the new sector. At project sunset, these associations will sustain growth of the sector as is the case in other countries where franchising flourishes.

We are extremely excited as we embark on this journey of hope and look forward to making a difference in how business is done in East Africa in order to achieve seamless EAC integration.