In pursuit of creating an enabling environment for businesses in East Africa, four thematic Platforms were introduced at EABC in 2011, to address specific policy interventions for priority areas that had been identified as well as provide an opportunity for Private Sector to propose common areas of focus.

The objectives of setting up of the platforms were to increase participation level and contribution to the implementation process of the EAC Common Market Protocol by facilitating evidence based advocacy that helps define priorities for trade, competitiveness and social welfare, providing supporting evidence for dialogue and advocacy deliberations as well as develop capacities to input into the regional Integration process particularly with regard to research and advocacy skills and in trade negotiations.

With the support of Trademark East Africa (TMEA), the East African Business Council (EABC) established the following platforms that address key issues of the Private Sector that relate to regional integration. Namely:

East African Professional Services Platform: The Platform therefore aims to bring professional services issues to the forefront of policy agenda of the East African community. The mission of the platform is to foster a single integrated and vibrant market for professional services in East Africa.

East African Women in Business Platform: The platform aims at putting in place mechanisms to address challenges faced by women-owned businesses within the region. The mission of the platform is to Position and Catalyse the Participation of Women-Owned Businesses in EAC’s Integration Process.

East African Private Sector Standards Platform: The platform addresses challenges and unnecessary trade barriers faced by suppliers in intra-regional trade due to differences in technical regulation and standards amongst EAC Partner States. The prime goal of the Standards Platform is the harmonization of standards and the establishment of a common technical regulation regime in the EAC with the view to remove unnecessary trade barriers and so widen the EAC market

East African Employers Organisation: The platform engages both National employer’s organizations and other players in the sector with each others on issues that relate to regional integration especially on the implementation aspect of EAC Common Market Protocol concerning the clauses on free movement of Labor; labor standards and regulatory environments; skills development and mutual recognition.