On 8th June 2017, three EAC Partner States namely Tanzania, Uganda and Rwanda jointly unveiled their Budgets for the Fiscal Year 2017/2018. While Kenya budget was read on 30th March 2017 due to the preparation of August General Election, Burundi is yet to align its Fiscal Year with other EAC Partner States. Usually the 4-EAC countries (Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Rwanda) unveil their budgets on the same day in June every year.

In 2017/18, Kenya economy is projected to grow by 5.9%, Uganda by 5.0 % Rwanda by 6.8 % and Tanzania by 7.1%. In line with the projected economic growth each country has significantly increased their overall budgets compared with last year despite the fact they have significantly reduced external funding.  The size of the budget is as follow, Kenya is KES 2.6 trillion (USD 26 bn), Tanzania is Tshs 31.7 trillion (USD14.3bn); Uganda is UShs29 trillion (USD 8.2bn) and Rwanda is Rwf 2,094 billion (USD 2.58bn).