Elimination of NTBs

Non-Tariff Barriers (NTBs) are still a major concern for the business community in the EAC region as they add to their transaction costs and thus contribute to low intra-regional trade volumes. Various studies have established NTBs as one of the key factors contributing to the decline of Intra EAC Trade and Investment. Most of the NTBs are undermining the free movement of goods and services as enshrined in the EAC Customs Union and Common Market Protocols.

EABC recommends to the EAC Partner States:-

  1. Transit cargo, trucks should only weigh twice ie at the point entry and exit;
  2. Introduction of weigh-in-motion in the all Regional Trunk Network to check/enforce the compliance of vehicle load control measures;
  3. There should be interconnectivity between weigh bridges within and across EAC territories;
  4. Increase transparency relating to operation of weighbridges;
  5. Expeditiously finalize Regulations to Implement EAC Load Control Act leading to  harmonisation of load control measures in the EAC region;
  6. Adopt Regional (EAC) Electronic Cargo Tracking System (ECTS) for all EAC Partner States;
  7. EAC Partner States should use a single seal for transit cargo trucks along Northern and Central Corridors.


  1. Expeditiously finalize development of a framework for the Regional EAC Customs Bond;
  2. Reduce the number of roadblocks and the necessary ones should be located at the same place as weighbridges;
  3. Develop a regional Technical Regulations Framework especially on food items;
  4. EAC Regulations on Elimination of NTBs should provide an Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Mechanism with clear time frames for elimination of NTBs.
  5. The NTB law should expeditiously be amended to address the key issues that have been identified by the Private sector