Call for proposals - Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software Acquisition and Integration



BDI-EABC Partnership Project


Call for proposals 

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software

Acquisition and Integration



1          Project background

The EABC-BDI Partnership Project between the East African Business Council (EABC) and the Federation of German Industries (BDI) aims at improving EABC’s policy advocacy for a deepened regional economic integration in the framework of the East African Community (EAC). The further progress of the regional integration process within the EAC requires a strong private sector representative.

In order to strengthen EABC’s activities and capacities with regard to such policy advocacy, BDI supports EABC to further professionalize its internal and external processes in order to achieve its goals. The goal is to enhance visibility, achieve positive advocacy effects and to be financially sustainable. This is done through capacity-building and assistance. BDI especially shares its knowledge from advocacy both at the German and the European level.


2          EABC


The East African Business Council (EABC) is the apex body of business associations of the Private Sector and Corporates from the 5 East African Countries. It was established in 1997 to foster the interests of the Private Sector in the integration process of the East African Community. Originally comprising members from Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda, its membership was expanded after 2007 to include private sector from Burundi and Rwanda. EABC enjoys a high reputation among East African private sector stakeholders. This status also led to awarding EABC an exclusive observer status with the EAC Secretariat. EABC is an important and influential private sector organisation in East Africa. EABC’s membership comprises both associate and corporate members.


Given the explicit commitment to cater for a better business environment through the application of the EAC policies in all five EAC member countries, EABC’s representation involves an equal participation of representatives coming from all EAC countries. EABC is represented in the EAC member states by its National Focal Points, i.e. private sector institutions that have the mandate and the potential to translate private sector issues and topics to the EAC level on behalf of national private sector institutions (e.g. national industry associations, chambers of commerce, trade associations etc.).


EABC’s mission is to represent and promote the interests of the EAC business community, to provide value added services that create new business opportunities, enhance global competitiveness of EAC businesses, and actively influence government policies to improve the business environment. It has thereby positioned itself as a privileged policy dialogue partner and now aims to build on its achievements by introducing a software system for enhanced member interaction.



3          Rationale and objective of the assignment


As stated above, the EABC-BDI project objectives are to ensure that visibility and reputation of EABC have been tangibly strengthened, that interaction with its members is at peak efficiency, that EABC has sustainably enhanced its power to perform in a way that stakeholders and clients (members) see its added value and they are more satisfied with the services and communications of EABC. As it stands today, this demands an active role of the Business Development and Membership Department, especially when it comes to EABC-member relations including receiving feedback, consulting and using data and information for advocacy. Until this day, EABC has used a membership database system administrated by the Communications Department based on standardized Microsoft Office software with a focus on Word, Excel and Outlook. A more powerful tool that is capable of more than what the existing software framework offers is therefore of need. EABC currently uses Microsoft Windows 10 software as operating system on their devices.


4          Deliverables


EABC is hereby calling for proposals by providers of software systems in the region, ideally software for Business Membership Organizations (BMOs) with 150-1500 members (customers) that will be used by up to 5 employees within that organization. All interested providers must be able to deliver and perform the following:


  1. Hand in a complete proposal dossier including (1) a company fact sheet, (2) a software product and functionality overview and (3) a quotation letter


while (2) should clearly state the software’s capability to perform

  • Direct communication with members including mass-mail functionality (Newsletters, invitations, events) through the software including communication interface for individual membership engagement and care with memo or notes function for updates
  • Communication with non-members (e.g. for purpose of administrating names and lists of potential members lists (sales funnel) / partners / other interested third parties)
  • membership tracking functions (Histories)
  • Search and filter functions by different categories such as sectors (e.g. Agriculture), roles (e.g. CEOs) and
  • membership interface for tracking of membership fees and other payments or contributions


and (3) must state

  • a clarification on the licence fee system applicable in the case at hand (e.g. price per person per year)
  • Maintenance support service / guarantee
  • User Training Manual
  • any other pertinent prices or price-related factors relevant for the design and integration of the software and
  • the extent of the on-site training to be provided for integration of the software at the client’s office.
  1. Upon receipt of proposal by the client be ready to receive feedback questions and provide answers and assistance
  2. When being considered work closely with EABC CEO and staff by conducting a client needs assessment including explanations of what the best solution for client should be with a focus on lean and efficient solutions (e.g. how the software can be adapted to the client’s needs while ruling out unnecessary or inadequate features that the client is presumably not going to need)
  3. When being selected assist client in the implementation and integration of the software into their system until the client’s needs have been satisfactorily met.


The assignment will take place under the overall guidance of the EABC CEO.


5          Specific Expertise required


In order to be chosen as software provider to integrate the software into EABC’s existing system, the provider, i.e. the company or the respective staff member endowed with the implementation should have experience in working with (Business Membership Organizations (BMOs), e.g. through providing software solutions for BMOs as well as a sound understanding of how BMOs operate and how their work is reflected in the functionality of the software. Fluency both in spoken and written in English is required.


Interested providers are kindly invited to submit their proposals to  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by 26th March 2020. All proposals must include a company fact sheet (1), a software product and functionality overview (flyer / fact sheet) (2) as well as a quotation letter (3) stating the fees for software and respective licenses as described above.



19 February, 2020