EABC  is a platform to contribute to the formulation of policies at a regional level on issues affecting your sector. Our ‘Observer Status’ at the EAC enables us to participate in all EAC activities and input into the negotiations and to hold regular and interactive dialogue with the EAC Secretariat; Council of Ministers and the Summit of Heads of State.

EABC’s advocacy efforts successfully led to the establishment of a mechanism to monitor and report Non-Tariff Barriers in EAC, implementation of the  EAC Consultative Dialogue Forum, signing of the East African Code of Conduct for Business, Harmonization of over than 150 product Standards, harmonization of work permits & reduction of fees for East African Citizens, signing of Mutual Recognition Agreements (MRA) for Architects, engineers & accountants, among others achievements.

EABC Technical Advocacy Coordination Team (TACT): Aiming at improving regional policy advocacy initiatives, EABC with support from the Federation of German Industries (BDI) created a Technical Advocacy Coordination Team consisting of policy officers from EABC National Focal Points, sector associations and regional associations. The TACT plans and formulates the EABC Annual Policy Advocacy Agenda and advocacy activities.

EABC has over 20 years’ experience in policy advocacy on behalf of the members and the larger EAC Private Sector. Under policy advocacy EABC:-


  • Works with members to identify priority issues for policy advocacy;
  • Works with members to formulate agreed policy positions and prepare compelling evidence based on policy position papers;
  • Participates in technical, sectoral and ministerial meetings, and other policy-making organs at EAC where we articulate Private Sector  positions;
  • Undertakes and commissions research to understand policy issues of interest to the Private Sector;
  • Provides a forum where the business community can regularly discuss and drive reforms to ensure the environment for business is conducive.