2nd EAC Development Partners Consultative Forum

Entry Date Oct 30 2018 // News

The 2nd   EAC Development Partners Consultative Forum was convened on 23rd October 2018, in Arusha, Tanzania. The objective of the Forum was to enhance dialogue between the EAC and its Development Partners and officially launch the EAC Development Partners Group.

During the 2nd EAC Development Partners Consultative Forum, EABC strongly put a case on the role of the private sector in regional integration. The forum aims to update development partners on the status of regional integration and discuss priority areas for consideration and support. Among key issues highlighted is the political will and involvement of the private sector to fast-track the integration agenda.

During discussions Amb. Mfumukeko, EAC Secretary General elaborated that translating political will into action requires collaboration and efforts from all actors. He elaborated that the EAC is working closely with EABC and has synchronized strategic plans and created an ad-hoc EABC - EAC committee to discuss private issues and priorities. Hon. Mathuki, EABC Ag. Executive Director elaborated that the private sector is already at the forefront driving the integration agenda and urged for quicker implementation of integration agenda for the citizens and business community to reap the benefits of regional integration.

The thematic group discussions on regional integration recommended for
• Strong involvement of private sector in integration and SMEs promotion
• Increased understanding of the political economy of regional economic integration
• Prioritization, evidence-based research to solve challenges that will have high impact results
• Lessons learning and reporting results

A key achievement from the forum is the recognition for the need of a stronger partnership status for the EABC. The meeting recommended for the involvement of EABC in the committee to review and guide the priority areas of the EAC and work plan that will have high impact results such as the elimination of Non -Tariff Barriers.

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