Saturday 6th November 2021: Burundi-Bujumbura: The Representative of the Ministry of Commerce, Industry, Transport and Tourism, Mr. Chrisologue, the CEO of EABC, John Bosco Kalisa, the General Secretary of ACOBU, Hon. Jean SAMANDARI, Mrs. Maureen Mba, the Head of MANSA, Afreximbank, Mrs. Amélie Ninganza, EABC Board Director, Boaz Nimpe, the Executive Secretary of ABEF, Mrs. Gamuchira Moy and Omar BADR from Afreximbank launched the African Due Diligence  Platform in Bujumbura.

According to International Trade Centre, Burundi’s export of goods to Africa hit USD. 62.3 million in 2020, a 25% increase from 2019. The key exported products include coffee, tea, wheat,  tobacco, beverages,  iron bars and rods, glassware, furniture; beddin and Edible fruit and nuts. 38% of Burundi’s total exports to the globe were to Africa.

Speaking at the launch ceremony, the Chief Guest from the Ministery of  Commerce, Industry, Transport and Tourism  Mr.Chrisologue said the Government of Burundi is committed to put in place policies to support businesses to access markets in the African continent. He said that Burundi ratified the AFCFTA to enable businesses to access the larger continental market of 1.3 billion. He said “AFCFTA can not be effectively actualized without the full participation of the private sector.”

The General Secretary of ACOBU; Mr. Jean SAMANDARI in his opening remarks gave a welcome to the guests in BURUNDI. He said that the activity launched by EABC and Afreximbank is going to solve the problems that Burundi businesses face while trading across African borders.

He thanked the CEO of EABC, the Head of MANSA and her team for coming to Burundi to launch the African Due Diligence Platform. He thanked all the participants who attended the launch and urged them to join the Afreximbank and EABC in order to get benefits availed by the AFCFTA.

Boaz Nimpe, the Executive Secretary of ABEF appreciated EABC and Afreximbank in partnership with ACOBU for launching the Africa Due Diligence Platform-MANSA. He called upon all the financial institutions to register and get benefits from MANSA Repository Platform.

On his part, Mr. John Bosco Kalisa, the CEO OF EABC appreciated the Government of the Republic of Burundi for supporting the private sector. He said that EABC in Partnership with Afreximbankkicked off the MANSA Repository Platform to access information related to trade and business partnerships and investors.

In 2020 good imports from Africa into Burundi reached  USD.267 million composing of 29% of Burundi’s total imports from the world. Lime, cement, sugars, fertilizers, Cereal, plastics, paperboards, essential oils, cosmetics are among the top imported products from Africa.

Mrs. Maureen on her part explained that Mansa will support companies to access new markets for their products and services, a wider number of suppliers across Africa and Afreximbank services.

Mr. Omar and Ms. Gamuchira Moyo elaborated how Afreximbank and MANSA – African Due Diligence platform links SMEs and East African Companies to the AFCFTA market by providing access to due diligence information. They urged businesses to register for free to the MANSA digital platform to access information on potential customers in Africa –  Know-Your-Customer ( KYC).

Mrs. Amelie, Board Director of EABC lauded Afreximbank and MANSA team for the good initiative of MANSA Platform that will solve the challenges of information asymmetry for SMEs to expand across Burundi borders. She urged SMEs to register in MANSA Repository Platform and seize the opportunities availed by AFCFTA and EAC Common Market.

Over 100 business leaders attended the event from banks, Microfinance institutions, Insurance companies, women in business, SMEs and associations.

The MANSA digital platform provides a single primary source of Know-Your-Customer (KYC) data required to conduct customer diligence checks on counterparties in Africa with a special focus on African Corporates, SMEs and financial institutions. The MANSA digital platform reduces risks to intra-African trade such as increased financial crime and reduces the high-cost acquisition of Customer Due Diligence.

For more information visit:https://www.mansaafrica.com

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