Accessing information about quality regulations, standards and buyer requirements for exports has never been this easy for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) from the East African Community (EAC), thanks to the EAC Quality for Trade Platform. SMEs can access the platform from the website of the European Union (EU) – EAC Market Access Upgrade Programme (MARKUP), a regional development initiative funded by the EU.

The portal aims to raise awareness about specific quality requirements for the export of key commodities from and within the EAC. By sharing and connecting the information, it intends to strengthen regional efforts to facilitate trade within the region and beyond.

The EAC Quality for Trade Platform

The EAC Quality for Trade Platform is a one-stop shop providing information about quality regulations, standards and buyer requirement. The platform offers quality-related guidance about a set of products in select markets, based on mandatory legal requirements, key standards or preferences in the market. The user-friendly portal was designed for the benefit of SMEs, quality- related service providers, quality experts and quality learners.

The platform gives an opportunity to connect with relevant institutions and individuals, seek pathways to improvements and gain insights from peers. The platform consists of four modules, Quality Compass, Quality Connect, Quality Insights and Quality Success.

The Quality Compass was launched during the EAC Coffee Business Forum in Mombasa in February 2020.

The second module of the EAC Quality for Trade Portal was launched in June 2020. Quality Connect is an interactive module to connect the regional network of quality experts, including the Quality Champions trained under the MARKUP programme. Institutional and individual quality experts from across the region were available to offer help, insights and quality-related services specific to selected commodities.

Other modules will be launched throughout 2020.

The International Trade Centre (ITC) developed the EAC Quality for Trade Platform under MARKUP with the support of the EU in collaboration with the EAC Secretariat.

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