Elite Circle Membership

The Elite Circle of Gold, Silver, Bronze categories is reserved for a small number of selected members who wish and have the capability to influence regional integration issues on the highest possible level Members of this category are entitled to individually customized support, benefit from a number of exclusive services and enjoy VIP treatment. 

  Attendance of EAC Heads of State Summit 

  Inclusion in EABC delegation to President and Ministers 

  Arrangement of individual visits of the Secretary General of the EAC, if requested 

  Arrangements of visits and meetings with Speaker of EALA and relevant Committees of Parliament to influence bills that are related to your sector 

  Member of EABC Advisory Board 

  Special individual support and intervention by EABC Executive Director in case of trade disputes 


Get in touch 

E-mail: info@eabc-online.com  

Phone: +255 27 2520162