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The inaugural Eastern Africa Conference, “Africa Waste is Wealth” series themed “Promoting Effective Waste Management Practices for Environmental Conservation and Climate Change Mitigation,” is scheduled for June 6th-8th, 2023, in Nairobi, Kenya.

The conference is the first piece in the Africa Waste is Wealth Series (AWWS), an initiative of Taka Taka Ni Mali, the East Africa Business Council, and the Alliance for Science. The AWWS aims to facilitate international dialogue and mobilize resources toward sustainable waste management across Africa.

The Eastern Africa Waste is Wealth Conference will bring together ministries in charge of the environment, industry experts, climate finance experts, sustainable development & climate change advocates, thought leaders, small and micro-enterprises in recycling and waste management, informal sector entrepreneurs, and development partners.

Conference Themes

The conference will cover the following themes to convey the importance of waste management in mitigating the impact on the environment and climate while highlighting the need for proactive measures and sustainable solutions:

  •  Waste Generation and Management
  •  Interventions for Reducing Waste
  • Sustainability and Green Innovations

The conference will explore:

  • Policy priorities for unlocking country-level climate financing
  • Innovative ecosystem models in waste management
  • Latest waste management technologies
  • Partnerships for sustainable waste management

The conference will contribute to Locally Led Climate Actions, promoting the acceleration of nationally determined Contributions (NDCs) and National Adaptation Plans for African countries. It will also support the mobilization of climate financing to support local priorities and innovative partnerships, especially in sustainable waste management. For more information, contact info@conferencinginabox.com.