Micro and Small Enterprises Membership

Small and micro- enterprises membership category is open to Youth and Women entrepreneurs and start-ups in the region. The subscription fee is 1000 per annum. 

 Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) account for 90% of Africa’s business ecosystem. The benefits range from trading online via MyEAsoko.com, attendance of East African SMEs Summit for Business 2 Business Networking, business advocacy and influence, market intelligence and information, capacity building on digitalization, AfCFTA and Digital endorsement of Proudly East African logo certification of regional local content and quality. 

Business Influence and advocacy for friendly policies in East Africa to respond to the needs of SMEs  

SMEs constitute appx. 90 per cent of traders in the EAC region contribute 60 -70% of employment and 29% to the region’s GDP. SMEs drive innovation, social integration, and economic development. SMEs also provide goods and services that are better adapted to local markets; and; stimulate innovation, entrepreneurship, technology development and research, among other contributions. EABC launched the East African SMEs Platform in July 2022 to champion the interest of SMEs, Youth and Women entrepreneurs in the EAC integration agenda, Continental and international trade opportunities and policies.   

  Research for evidence-based advocacy on policy development and implementation 

  High-level public-private dialogues with Ministers 

  East African SMEs Summit and Made in East Africa Exhibition 

  Joint Formulation of East African SMEs Agenda and the East African Community SMEs Charter 

  Direct Support & Intervention by EABC Officers on trade matters

Capacity Building   

EABC offer training, mentorship, coaching, capacity-building programs on trade-related opportunities in EAC, digital skills for SMEs African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) Agreements, market intelligence and other global developments.  


  AfCFTA Trade in Goods 

  AfCFTA Trade in Services 

  AfCFTA Rules of Origin 

  Cross-border trade-related information  

  Tenders & Procurement  


Growth & Market Information 

Grow and expand you business across EAC borders through our strategic networks, market intelligence tools and first hand trade advisory support. Make informed business decisions and get increase you company’s  competive edge.  

  EABC Insights on East African Business Outlook  

  Advisory services on EAC trade laws  

  Access to market intelligence on regulatory developments in the EAC  

  Trade online via www.MyEAsoko.com  

  Access to our newsletter on trade & investment updates in EAC, continental and global arena  

Connection to our networks   

  Connections are the heart of business success. In East African Business Council, you’ll quickly meet the right people, suppliers, customers, referalls and start building meaningful connections to do business in East Africa . 

  EABC connects more than 100 business associations and 100,000 members in East Africa. 

  Digital endorsement of Proudly East African logo a certification of regional local content and quality..

Credibility & Visibility  

  We elevate you company reputation and credibility. Get digital endorsement of “Proudly East African & EABC Member”  

  EABC Certificate of membership  

  Free Advert in East Africa Business Directory and newsletters   

  Advert in the EABC Annual Report 

Right to Vote during the EABC Annual General Meeting and being part of EABC Board 

Together, we will support the growth and expansion of your business across EAC borders and beyond. 

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Phone: +255 27 2520162  

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