13th June 2024: – Kampala, Uganda – The Chairperson of the Uganda Manufacturers Association (UMA), Deo Kayemba, held deliberations on challenges facing industrial growth and expansion within the East African Community (EAC) during a courtesy visit by the Chairperson of the East African Business Council (EABC), Angelina Ngalula.

The UMA Chairperson, Deo Kayemba, highlighted the EAC’s focus on industrialization and the private sector’s role in shaping its agenda. He emphasized the need to address hurdles that hinder regional trade and economic development.

Key issues highlighted include:

  • Review of EAC Rules of Origin
  • Compliance with and enforcement of the Non-Tariff Barriers (NTBs) Act
  • Development of an EAC local content policy
  • Activation of the Disputes Settlement mechanism
  • Review of the load axle capacity

The UMA Chairperson emphasized the importance of public-private dialogue and collaboration to foster a thriving EAC manufacturing sector.

Accompanied by EABC Vice Chairperson Simon Kaheru and EABC Executive Director John Bosco Kalisa, EABC Chairperson Angelina Ngalula called for more collaboration between the two institutions in advocating for the elimination of non-tariff barriers and reforms to improve the business environment to boost intra-EAC trade.

“As the private sector, we need to have a single voice to move our agenda forward. This includes calling for the elimination of NTBs at the EAC level before we do business with the rest of the continent,” said EABC Chairperson Angelina Ngalula.

She called for more private-private business dialogue to achieve a single voice and work with the public sector to drive economic integration and tap into the opportunities of the AfCFTA.


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